Our Story

When it comes to your children you can always buy from old fashioned retail stores that offer nothing exciting and bland and boring styles, but if you're one who likes to make your babies look fashionable, and take awesome pictures as a part of your baby growing experience, Buzzbabyworld.com is just for you. Our goal is to offer you only the best in pricing and comfort, while still maintaining a relatively low cost to give back the savings to you to buy even more stylish clothing! We understand that you want your child to have personality, and we hope that through our website we can help you do just that. From caps to stylish pants and footwear, we offer it all here in one place for you to dig through and for you to  find the most ideal outfit for your lovely little ones!


Within our website you'll find that our products are factory direct which means we do not deal with middlemen or retailers. We ship directly to you and help you save even more money. We understand that as a parent, your budget may be tight and with that in mind we try our best to cut costs for you in any way we can. Not only will you save from receiving factory direct products and free shipping on $50 orders and larger, but you'll notice we occasionally send out coupon code to bring the prices down even lower, just for you!


If you want to learn more about us, what we offer, what we'll be offering in the future, or any other questions about our business or need help, feel free to contact us! We understand that you have a busy life and with that in mind, we'll make sure to get back to your inquiries as soon as possible. If you want to see the latest updates about our website, please make sure to check out our Facebook page up above as well as our Instagram for the latest fashions popping in, as they come in! We look forward to offering you and your child a fun experience for many years to come so pop on by and start shopping today!